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What is Certified Solidity Developer (CSD)?

Course Overview:

In the thriving domain of blockchain technology, Solidity emerges as a frontrunner for crafting smart contracts on the Ethereum platform. A Solidity Developer, skilled in this object-oriented language, possesses the prowess to shape Ethereum-based applications, playing a critical role in the realization of decentralized solutions.

About the Certification:

The Certified Solidity Developer is an exclusive, exam-centric credential designed meticulously by industry mavens. This program enlightens participants about smart contract development via Solidity, pushing the envelope on what's possible on the Ethereum blockchain. For those looking to catapult their career in the international market, this certification could be the magic touch.

Exam Specifics:

The path to certification requires conquering an exam, wherein a score above 60% is your ticket to success. Candidates have three chances to prove their mettle. However, setbacks don't mark the end; if all three attempts don't culminate in success, our dedicated support team stands ready to provide additional attempts and strategic insights to bridge any knowledge gaps.

Pricing and Enrollment:

Ready to script your success in the Ethereum development realm? To discover the investment required and to embark on this transformative journey, click here.

Updated on: 01/11/2023

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