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What is Blockchain & HR Professional?

Course Overview:

The Certified Blockchain and HR Professionalâ„¢ program caters to professionals seeking to harness Blockchain technology for optimizing various HR functions. This training highlights how Blockchain can be used to enhance talent management, verify accreditations of potential hires, secure employee health records, and improve performance evaluation. Certified professionals in this field play a crucial role in digitizing HR processes by securely storing information in a decentralized and immutable manner.

Certificate Details:

To validate your knowledge and understanding, participants will undergo a certification exam. Achieving the coveted certification requires a score exceeding 60%. If you face challenges in your initial attempts, don't worry; our support team is readily available to provide additional attempts and guide you through areas of improvement.

Know More:

This certification empowers you to excel in the intersection of Blockchain and HR management. Click here to learn more about how it can advance your career and expertise in this evolving field. Start your journey toward becoming a Certified Blockchain and HR Professional today!

Updated on: 15/10/2023

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