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What is Cryptocurrency Auditor?

Course Overview:

The Certified Crypto Auditorâ„¢ certification is exclusively designed to delve into the essential principles of auditing Blockchain-based Cryptocurrencies. Crypto Auditors specialize in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain forensics. This certification offers a comprehensive understanding of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies from an auditor's perspective. Completing this certification empowers you to conduct Blockchain forensics and trace Cryptocurrency transactions.

Certificate Details:

Validation of your knowledge and skills occurs through a certification exam. Achieving the certification requires a score exceeding 60%. If you face challenges, you have three attempts, and our support team is readily available to provide additional attempts and guidance for improvement.

Know More:

Enhance your expertise in Cryptocurrency auditing with this certification. Click here to learn more about how it can boost your career and proficiency in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain forensics.

Updated on: 15/10/2023

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